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about me

I’m truly passionate about looking after the environment and advocating for animal rights, and try to channel this dedication into everything I do, including my work as a yoga teacher. This is how Living Green Yoga was born, and why giving to green causes is so close to my heart.

I first came to practise yoga in my early twenties as a way to deal with the anxiety and burnout I experienced from office working, firstly in the music industry and secondly within the fashion world. I can honestly say that it has transformed my life, giving me tools to help deal with stress and anxiety as well as healing a bad back that I’d had since a teenager.

I am a Yoga Alliance accredited hatha yoga teacher and also help businesses boost employees’ health and happiness through office-based yoga classes as Living Green Office Yoga: you can learn more on my (other) website, here.

I find so much joy in sharing yoga and its endless benefits. I hope that in doing so I can help people find some relief from the stresses and demands of modern day working and living, while inspiring simple changes to our lifestyles that can have such a positive impact on the planet.

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