Videos: Introduction to Breathing Techniques mini series

Videos: Introduction to Breathing Techniques mini series

19th June 2019

I created this Introduction to Breathing Techniques Mini Series for Living Green Office Yoga but I want to share it with you all too, as it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have quick practices that can be used to reduce stress and tension and boost energy and productivity.

In the following videos we cover what breathing techniques are and why they’re so beneficial, how to sit for your practice, yoga postures to help you sit comfortably and two really key breathing technique practices.

These are all short classes (made with busy office workers in mind!) and I suggest that you work through them in order, 1 a day over a 5 day period.

Class 1: Why practice breathing techniques?

In this class we are looking at what breathing techniques are and how they can affect the way that we feel.

Class 2: How to sit to get the most out of your practice

In this class we try out different ways that we can sit, to make sure that we’re comfortable and get as much out of our breathing technique practice as possible.

Class 3: Yoga postures to help you sit comfortably

This 25-minute yoga class has some really great yoga postures to help make sitting on the floor a little easier. These are wonderful for reducing tightness in the hips, especially if you spend a lot of your day sat at a desk for work.

Class 4: A practice for calm and focus

Now we’re really getting into it! In this video we’re learning about and practising alternate nostril breathing which is wonderful for calming and focusing the mind. A great technique to practise if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed or after a busy day at the office.

Class 5: A practice for energy and productivity

In our last class of this mini series we’re practicing Skull Shining Breath which is a really energising practice, great for starting the day feeling awake and productive, or to use when you need a bit of a pick-me-up.

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