The products and tools I use everyday as a low impact, vegan yogini

The products and tools I use everyday as a low impact, vegan yogini

4th September 2018

I’ve received a few questions the last couple of weeks around what products I use to look after my body. This week being #zerowasteweek, I thought I’d share a post dedicated to the products and tools that I use day to day, which are low impact, vegan and support me as a yogini.

You may notice that there is no makeup mentioned in this post and that’s because I’ve not worn any since October 2017! I stopped wearing it when I went travelling to SE Asia, and 5 months back in London, I’ve still not felt like I’ve wanted to wear it. But this is a whole other blog post for another time….

I recently swapped from natural toothpastes in a tube, to this activated charcoal toothpaste pot from Georganics. It was a little strange to use at first, as the paste just turns to a liquid in your mouth (there’s no foaming up), but it makes my teeth feel so clean.

All the ingredients are natural and organic, there’s no plastic packaging (everything is 100% recyclable) and all Georganics products are PETA certified as vegan and cruelty-free. I’ve been using this for two months now and am only about ⅓ through the pot, so it’s good value for money too.

I again turned to Georganics for my most recent plastic free toothbrush and it’s my favourite which I’ve tried so far, with the bamboo being not as rough as some others. Bamboo is a good alternative to plastic as it’s easy to grow and is biodegradable and compostable.

Tongue Scraper
I didn’t even know that tongue scrapers were a thing until I did my yoga teacher training, and got introduced to the concept. Now I HAVE to scrape my tongue at the beginning of each day! It’s simply a way to remove bacteria from your tongue which has built up over night, reducing bad breath and making your mouth feel so much cleaner.


All you do is hold each end of the scraper and gently run it over your tongue, from front to back, rinsing off the white mucus (sorry, horrible word!) between scrapes. Easy! In the world of yoga, this purification is called Jivha-Sodhana-Dhauthi.

Tongue scrapers sometimes come in stainless steel (or plastic) however copper is best, as it has antibacterial properties. My one was bought in Bali, however they aren’t too hard to find over here – this one from Yoga Matters is an inexpensive option.

Coconut Oil
I somehow forgot to include my pot of coconut oil in my photos, however I use it everyday as my face and body moisturiser, and for oil pulling (that’s what the spoon is for!). I love it because it’s natural, it moisturises really well, and is cheaper than a lot of moisturises out there.

I oil pull as it makes my mouth feel really clean and healthy, and when I’m consistent with it daily, it definitely whitens my teeth. To do so simply take a tablespoon of the oil, swish it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes then after spitting it out, rinse your mouth with water. Avoid spitting the oil down a plughole or your toilet, as when it cools it’ll resolidify. Instead you can spit into a cup and pour it into your bin or compost – note that only small amounts of plant oils should go into a compost, as it slows down the process.

I really like this extra virgin, organic coconut oil from The Groovy Food Company as it tastes good and comes in a jar, which can be reused or recycled.

Neti Pot
Again, this is something that I hadn’t tried until I did my yoga teacher training and even so, has taken me awhile to get used to! Jala Neti is used to clean the sinuses and nasal filters with warm, saline water. If you give it a go, I recommend watching this YouTube video to help you with the technique, as it can be tricky.

I know that mine is plastic, it’s just the one that was given to me however you can get really nice ceramic neti pots, like this one from Yogitri.

It’s taken me a while to find a vegan, plastic free deodorant that actually works so was delighted when I found this one from Ben & Anna. No one wants a smelly yoga teacher!

They have a few different scents but I really like the vanilla orchid as it’s fresh and light. Their deodorants are 100% natural, aluminium free and the tubes are made from paper.

Menstrual Cup
I’ve been using a menstrual cup for about a year now and they’re a really wonderful way to make your periods waste free. Cups are also better for your body, as opposed to pads and tampons, as they don’t contain any perfumes, bleach, dyes or other toxins and over time, you’ll save a lot of money.

If you’re new to menstrual cups then they’re pretty easy to get used to, not nearly as messy or complicated as you may think! There are loads of cups on the market now but Mooncup is a good place to start.

Shampoo Bar
Bars are such a simple way to wash your hair, minus all the plastic bottles. I like to buy these from Lush as they have loads of choice depending on your hair type. I’m currently using Montalbano which smells fresh and lemony and is really moisturising for my hair.

My tip: remove your shampoo bar from the bathroom after use and put it somewhere it can dry properly. This way it won’t disintegrate so quickly, lasting longer.

I did try ‘nopoo’ for about 3 months, however as the water here in London is so hard, my hair felt like it was getting a limescale build up!! If you have any ideas to combat this, please comment below….

Packaging Free Soap
It can be a bit hard to find packaging free soap on the high street, again Lush is a good bet however I bought this unwrapped Faith In Nature bar from Planet Organic.

I opted for the hemp soap which is really nice and doesn’t dry out my skin, even using it when shaving my legs.

Stainless Steel Razor
I’ve already written about my stainless steel razor purchase in my What I learnt during #plasticfreejuly post and absolutely love how it’s helped me reduce my plastic consumption.

I chose the Muhle Safety Razor which seemed like a big expense at the time, but I know that after just a few months, It’ll be saving me money. It also shaves really well, better than any plastic ‘womens’ razor that I’ve used before, so there are no downsides!

What are you favourite low impact and vegan products? Do you use any tools or products that specifically support your health as a yogi or yogini? I’m very much still finding my way in this world, and would love to hear what you use!

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