Feel-good classes
that give back
to the planet

Feel-good classes that give back to the planet


My name is Lucy Newport, creator and teacher at Living Green Yoga.

I teach yoga for those who care about looking after the environment and the animals we share it with.

I plant 1 tree for every person who attends each class and donate 5% of my profits to green causes, providing you with a way of giving back to the planet, whilst taking care of yourself.

I had never done yoga classes before and I am very glad that Lucy was the person I have fully discovered this beautiful practice with. I am very undisciplined person but now I’ve been doing yoga for 4 months and couldn’t be happier.

Practising yoga with Lucy taught me breathing, concentration, relaxation and self appreciation. Lucy is a wonderful person and a thoughtful mentor. Thank you Lucy 🙂

Vera Eliseeva

“Lucy’s yoga class was the most enjoyable and rewarding I have experienced. The pace of the class was perfect; holding the poses for longer periods really challenged my stability and control, yet we still covered a lot of different poses and my heart rate definitely increased from the effort. Lucy was wonderfully calming and encouraging whilst guiding us through the poses and breathing and making adjustments when necessary. I left feeling completely relaxed and restored, it was exactly what I needed after a stressful week and I can’t recommend Lucy’s classes enough to everyone.”

Meg Skelton

 My guarantee: a full refund if you don’t love your first class – no questions asked

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Living Green Office Yoga

I also work with London based businesses, helping to boost their employee’s health and happiness through office-based yoga classes. I do this with routines specially created to help office workers, including chair yoga if space is limited.

Office yoga class attendees feel even better knowing they’re helping the planet just by taking part in my service, because for every class we have together I plant 5 trees, and I also give 5% of my profits to green causes.

“Lucy’s presence in the yoga class did exactly what I understand yoga to be. Pointing and guiding me “home” inside. She guides calmly and steadily with lots of space to absorb the transitions and go deep into the practice. She’s so sweet and gentle too, so I was left feeling nurtured and held. Thank you so much, Lucy. I’m privileged to have experienced your class.”

Suzi Bloor

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